How to play free slots with bonuses

How to play free slots with bonuses

In this review, we will tell you the secret of how to choose the best video game. Almost every self-respecting online casino provides an opportunity for each player to play any slot in the demo version. The demo version is a special version of the game in which the player has the opportunity not to bet on real money. Everything happens in such a way that all games just happen fo fan. The gambler is given a certain amount of credits for which you can rotate the game drum, and at the same time receive a virtual jackpot amount that the player can not withdraw from the casino account. This version allows the user of the gaming site to try a specific game and understand whether it is like it or not.

1. Asgardians Slot by Endorphina Play now!
2. Ocean`s Treasures by NetEnt Play now!
3. Total Overdrive by Betsoft Play now!
4. Dawn of Egypt by Play`n Go Play now!
5. Fortunes of Ali Baba by Play`n Go Play now!

Now let’s look at an option on how to play slots in the demo version. To begin, choose a game portal on which you decide to play the slots for the fan that you want. We will give five examples of online portals on which you can play in the demo version in slots, as well as give examples of several slots on which you can also make a virtual bet.

After you pick up your game portal for yourself, there are two options for the development of events. The first and simplest is when casinos do not require registration in order to try to play a game in the demo version. The second option is when you will need to register to play on the site. Registration usually takes on average no more than five minutes. The player will have to indicate the name, surname, address and email. And then, after creating an account, he will be able to play slots for fun. In order to play slots in the demo, it is not necessary to confirm your identity on your account. This procedure is necessary only for those players who are configured to put real money bets and withdraw them from the account after. Therefore, the identification procedure for playing the demo is not required.

Next, we will determine how to define and distinguish video games among themselves, and into which main groups all games can be distributed.

How to distinguish online free slots with bonus features

Not all slots are available for playing in the demo version. For example, there are special jackpots that accumulate bets made on this slot. And then all that remains for the player is simply to break the very jackpot that has accumulated over the entire existence of the slot. In such games, you will not be able to make a bet not for money, since jackpots always ask for the game the most minimal fixed bet.

We have selected for you only three general categories of slots that are available for playing right now.


The very first slot machines appeared in the eighteenth century, when the first slot machines were the simplest rams, without any animation, paylines and with only three reels. These are slots, the purpose of which was originally to collect the same symbols in a row.

Over time, the slots began to take on a new shape, and became more interesting and entertaining. Until now, classic slots are a regular video game in which there are a maximum of five reels and several paylines. Often with the most ordinary graphics, in 2D animation. Also do not represent any additional bonuses or additional symbols. Nevertheless, such games are still popular and available in almost every casino, only slightly modified by time.

Topic Slots

As you might have guessed, slots can now be found on completely different topics and with different styles. For example, there is no problem finding slots with the same design as for example in a movie, or just a game made like a series or a movie. Such slots are called thematic and they are now the most popular in the gambling market. The main feature of such games is the unique design of each character. Even progressive slots have their own theme. For example, the Megamulah slot has the theme of Africa and safari. Such slots are also available for playing in the demo version.

3D Slots

Each video game has its own technical parameters. The most popular slots now that occupy the tops on the charts are slots made in 3D technology. Thus, the whole picture looks as real and natural as possible, as well as a bright and colorful design. Also on the market now release new games that produce HTML 5 technology. This technology allows you to use and play in a casino in good quality even from the mobile version.

This is only the smallest list of what there are slots on online portals. But since we are telling you specifically about the slots in the demo version, we decided to tell you specifically about those that are available for the free game and which can be divided into the above categories.

Best free slots with bonus providers

You can play the demo just for fun, not only in some not the most interesting and good slots. This feature is available with almost all the best games, examples of which we will give you now. All you have to do is click play fo fan. So, here are examples of five free bonus slots.

  1. Asgardians Slot by Endorphina – a game with a high percentage of RTP and excellent reviews from other players from the site. There is an opportunity to bet on twenty-five paylines. There is everything – the Wild symbols, and Scatters and the bonuses that the slot provides. By the way, slots for fun also provide the opportunity to use the bonuses that the slots initially offer. Therefore, the fact that you do not place bets in real currency will in no way affect the interest of the game.
  2. Ocean`s Treasures by NetEnt – if earlier classic slots could be called slots with only three paylines, but now these are slots with fifteen stable. This slot will immerse you in the atmosphere of the underwater world, and the treasures that guard the sea monster. Symbols in the form of keys, message bottles and compasses. Scatter and wild symbols hide under these symbols.
  3. Total Overdrive by Betsoft – ведущий игровой разработчик, который специализируется на слотах. Эта игра сейчас занимает топы почти на всех игровых порталах. А все благодаря отличной графике, которая буквально заставляет игрока почувствовать скорость и драйв. Это отличный пример классического слота, с тремя линиями выплат и пятью барабанами.
  4. Dawn of Egypt by Play`n Go – an example of a game in Egyptian themes, which is now at the peak of its popularity. This game is not very generous with bonuses, but the graphics of this game will definitely affect your soul. Five reels and ten paylines. At the same time, the game’s RTP is still quite high. RTP is a percentage that shows how likely a player will be returned after a bet is placed on it.
  5. Fortunes of Ali Baba by Play`n Go – there is no multiplayer, but the game will give its players additional bonuses in the form of free spins, and symbols will also appear that will increase your virtual income. Therefore, bet on twenty paylines and five reels. The classic system.

Play free slots with bonus rounds on gaming portals

Not all game portals provide the opportunity to play slots in the demo version. There are casinos that provide access to games only under the strictest conditions for registration on the site. Therefore, we have prepared for you a small list of online sites where you can play games in the demo version purely for pleasure or quality control.

Lincoln Casino

One of the main determinants of a game portal for reliability is its approval and license. Lincoln has at least three significant endorsements from completely different independent platforms. The casino license itself is located in Curacao. The existing gaming platform has existed on the site since 2013. The casino accepts only dollars, and is only available in English for the game. But otherwise, you definitely won’t regret that you decided to play on this game portal. The portal has first-class support for its players, in the form of two hotline phones, live chat and support services. The game portal is also available for download and just an online game. All the variety of games on the site is completely safe and reliable thanks to the SSL encryption system.

Max Casino

A game portal where you can find games exclusively from Playtech. But then there are very affordable limits for withdrawing money per month and weekly. But the site is available in several languages, including English, Russian and Italian. The game portal is available exclusively for playing online, and cannot be downloaded. Also, the site does not have a support phone number through which the player could turn for help. But there are several other ways to get help. Also, the site has a quality license from Curacao. This is a relatively new and young casino, so be among the first to use the services of a welcome bonus.

Golden Star Casino

The name of the game portal exactly matches its internal filling. And all because the casino has rather high ratings, and believe that there are reasons for that. A huge number of game providers deliver their games to the site, and the license is still the same as in previous portals – from Curacao. The portal has been operating since 2012, and during this time managed to win the trust of thousands of players. The site itself is available in a large number of languages, and provides first-class support to its players. Also, the game portal is fully tuned and sharpened for playing on a mobile device and PC version.

Inter Casino

As a rule, only those gaming portals which have a license from the UK, as in the case of Inter Casino, can have the highest respect and authorization. One of the few online sites where the limits have no restrictions on the withdrawal of money. In addition, the site offers a huge number of methods with which you can carry out cash transactions. Only time for which these operations will be carried out varies. On average, they take up to three business days. But this is just for reference, as the fun slots do not require any cash transactions and this is their privilege. A high casino rating exists due to its experienced age, as the site was founded back in 1996. And three licenses from different countries provide complete reliability and power of attorney on the part of players.

Prism Casino

The site, which started its work back in 2002, and is now very popular among players from Canada, New Zealand and Australia. The license is located on Costa Rica and provide a completely reliable game on the site. As for the interface, the homepage itself is as convenient as possible for the game. The site is available in English, and is fully tailored to the mobile version of the game, for complete comfort and convenience of the player. In addition, the version of the site and the games themselves from there can be downloaded and played offline. This is especially convenient if the user is going on the road and will not have full access to the Internet. Thus, the casino takes care of convenience and provides everything you need for a comfortable game on your site.

Free slots with bonus round on mobile

Now most of the population is accustomed to using mobile devices and gadgets more. In such a situation, each site is simply required to have a high-quality mobile version. All game portals that we have listed above are fully tuned for a mobile game. Moreover, some of them can be downloaded to your device and enjoy the game at any time convenient for it. Wherein:

  • The quality of the game does not change at all and does not deteriorate. On the contrary, when using the latest technologies for creating a game, they will look even more attractive on your mobile device than on a PC.
  • All functions of the game portal remain the same as in the PC version. Moreover, some cash transactions are more convenient and quick to do than from a laptop, for example. The thing is that when using such functions through the phone, the player will just need to put a finger on the screen in order to pay for the service.
  • You can play and enjoy free slots from any available point where there is Internet. No longer need to get confused in wires or depends on the charger. Play where you are comfortable or relevant.
  • All games and the interface itself automatically accept the screen resolution of your mobile device. Therefore, there is no need to configure or change something in the settings yourself.

If you need a help with free slots with bonus round

Each game portal, including the ones that we have already described for you, provide a high-quality support service that will help you find answers to all your questions and help in solving problems of any complexity. There are several options for how to ask for help on the site. The first and most obvious is to ask for help in a live chat. All casinos mentioned above provide the opportunity to engage in live chat around the clock. At the same time, managers are trying to instantly answer all questions. To do this, you do not even need to be registered on the site.

The second method is suitable if the player needs to paint his question in more detail. For this, the option with e-mail, which is present on each game portal, is perfect. Usually the answer comes after two days of the request. This is the standard time for the casino to answer your application, whether it is a question or a complaint. It takes more time to review a complaint.

Another way is not available in all game portals. This is a hotline phone. The operators for phone numbers depend on the country in which the game portal is based. Calling fee will be charged depending on the tariff of your operator.

Well, the last way, if you don’t really like communicating with people, you can find answers to your questions in the frequently asked questions section. There are collected short questions to which questions that most often arise and players without gaming experience.

Final words

So, let’s summarize how best to choose free slots and what privileges this function gives.

Firstly, it is worth noting that free slots are not available for the game on all gaming platforms. This feature is not even available from all providers. Of the most popular gaming softwares, we can list RTG, Microgaming, Play`n Go, and the providers of which we indicated while listing the top free slots.

Of course, when it comes to free slots, it makes no sense to look for games with the highest RTP, since the convenience of the game will not change. However, this can affect how much the game will be fun and interesting. The percentage of RTP can be found in the description of the slot itself.

Choose a game according to which creation technology you like the most. We advise you to try playing slots made in 3D technology. But it all depends on your personal taste.

Do not forget that gambling can be addictive, so you should not abuse even the slots that you can play without betting in real currencies.

And good luck!